“Creativity is thinking new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

Often, we don’t consider the need to improve when we become accustomed to what we think we are good at. Those who are better than us constantly look at their best efforts and actively wonder how they can produce something even better – they are the creators and the innovators.

While the fundamentals taught in INITIATION are designed to put students on par with or even better than the majority of their cohort, ASCENSION is created with the intention of developing class-leaders. This course is designed for those who have experience with MICROSOFT POWERPOINT yet feel that there is a higher level of proficiency they have yet to attain.

To that end, your journey in ASCENSION will enable you to

  • Effectively implement transitions and animations which integrate seamlessly with your POWERPOINT presentation
  • Breathe life into once dull charts and graphs and make them part of your invigorating presentation tapestry
  • Utilize intermediate Meisterklasse strategies to improve your POWERPOINT slides and create unique and engaging presentation sessions

ASCENSION is recommended for creators and innovators with moderate to intermediate experience in Microsoft Powerpoint.