The presentation course which equips you with the skills

to design influential presentations and win any audience!

Ever spent hours crafting a presentation deck, only to receive a lukewarm response?

Presentations are important events. It’s no secret that the key to successful presentations lies in how effectively you engage and impact the audience. But -

How do you impress an audience in a presentation? And more importantly –

Is there a way to replicate this success with similar or better results?

INITIATION is a revolutionary presentation course designed to equip you with the skills to craft electrifying presentations for your audience and create successful presentations - time after time.

We won’t be teaching you to present like Steve Jobs.

At MEISTERKLASSE, we believe that each individual is unique –our experiences, interests, and perceptions shape our actions and ideas. Steve Jobs found his style, and this course aims to introduce you to the tools to develop your own unique and dynamic presentation style.

We WILL revolutionize how you present. Here’s how


Introduction to our tried-and-tested framework
for crafting, creating and conducting presentations effectively and efficiently


Case Studies and Demonstrations
which guide your understanding of what works and what flops


Brainstorms, Roleplays, and Scenario Simulations
which foster your acumen for engineering dynamic presentations


Curriculum led by a Meister with 18 years of experience
in the art of engineering highly engaging presentations


Exploration of scientific and artistic principles
integral in creating immaculate, visually engaging presentations


Learn how to implement and harmonize concepts taught
to create powerful and impactful presentations


Hands-on activities and micro-projects
designed to accelerate your adaptation of techniques taught


Learning which goes beyond the classroom
with continued support beyond your time in this course

What you will achieve in INITIATION

This 3-day Presentation Course equips you with a comprehensive 6-step process for crafting, creating, and conducting engaging presentations to any audience.

Our 6 - step process

for achieving high audience engagement in any presentation

  • Analyzing Presentation Requirements

  • Determining Nature of Presentation

  • Defining Presentation Parameters

  • How to Effectively Implement Content

  • Integrating Dynamic Visual Elements in a Deck

  • How to Engage Audiences in a Presentation

Additional Information

Should I take this Course?
INITIATION is designed to equip all attendees with actionable skills and techniques which are transferable to any presentation, regardless of profession or industry. This course is open to anyone who wants to acquire the know-how to successfully create and conduct electrifying and exciting presentations, time after time.

Am I eligible for this course?
Course attendees should be familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or 2016 – anybody who is familiar with using Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations at school, work, or for other purposes is eligible for this course.

Do I need to bring anything for this Course?
Participants will be required to bring their own laptops with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or 2016, a charger, or adapter for this course. Participants may choose to bring a mouse, but are highly recommended to do so.

How long will this Course last?
INITIATION is a 2 – Day Course. The course run from 9am to 5pm everyday from the start to the end of the course.

Will a certificate be issued upon completion of this Course?
Attendees will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon completion of the course

INITIATION is conducted with blended learning in mind – all attendees will engage in both live discussions and activities, as well as hands-on activities which require the use of laptops. Hence, all attendees are reminded to bring a laptop which has a web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) as well as either Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

Teaching Method

  • Instructor-led training
  • Enriched Presentation
  • Activity-based Learning
  • Case Studies & Role Plays

Ezekiel Ho
Meistermind, Meisterklasse

Ezekiel is a highly accomplished presentation designer and public speaker. He first began creating presentations at the age of 8 and has been hooked on presentation design ever since. Over the past 20 years, he has created presentation decks for a wide host of functions, ranging from inter-school competitions to pitch decks for startups seeking funding. With his knack for identifying what appeals to the audience, Ezekiel has created presentations which have impacted and engaged audiences from students, academicians, bankers, business owners, and professionals from a wide spectrum of industries.

A passionate advocate of Continuous Education and Learning, Ezekiel is dedicated to equipping professionals from all walks of life with the know-how to create and conduct engaging and memorable presentations, guiding them in achieving their own success with sharing their ideas, visions, and messages with their presentation decks.


  • ACTA - Certified Trainer

  • Close to 20 years of experience in designing and conducting memorable and impactful presentations

  • Guest speaker at E2i’s Festival of Learning 2017

  • More than 500 Professionals – ranging from academicians to investors – impacted to date with presentations created

  • Keen acumen in designing highly engaging presentations for a wide spectrum of functions, ranging from training materials to pitch decks

  • Winner of multiple inter-school presentation competitions

Transform how you present to any audience today.