Marque - X

Professionally crafted presentation decks designed to visually engage and impact any audience

Marque - X Presentation Decks are our solution for Organizations and Professionals who wish to meaningfully and effectively engage their audiences. We possess an intimate understanding of audience engagement, an acumen we have honed and heightened for close to 20 years. Marque - X Presentation Decks reflect our ability to easily communicate messages and ideas to the audience in a presentation, and are engineered with only one purpose in mind -

to Engage, Inspire, and Excite

Organizations, Professionals, and their Audiences.

Engineered to overwhelmingly impress and win over audiences.


Fully customized, one-of-a-kind presentation deck

  • Crafted to reflect the hallmarks of Organizations and Professionals

  • Tailor-made to meet the needs of Organizations and Professionals in a wide spectrum of events

  • Guaranteed distinctiveness - Each presentation deck is conceptualized and designed from scratch!

impactful slide

Beautifully crafted and visually impactful slides

  • Meticulously crafted presentation decks which are rich in content and detail

  • Visually engaging slides which easily communicate your ideas with any audience

  • Each project consists of 30 Professionally-designed slides

Audience 1

Designed to inspire and win the hearts of any audience

  • Successful presentation experiences created with the audience in mind

  • Not only do we design outstanding presentations - We'll help you to stand out in them, too!

  • Each project comes with StageMeister coaching to groom and prepare speakers for the presentation

Versatile. Engaging. Memorable.

Tailor-made presentation decks which engage and successfully impact audiences in a wide array of functions and occasions


Pitch Decks

Crafted to make any pitch compelling to prospective and existing stakeholders.


Product or Service Launches

Engineered to make any launch event exciting memorable for your audience.


Corporate Presentations

Designed to reflect your professionalism and ability to bring numbers and figures to life.


Course or Seminar Decks

Composed to make learning engaging and meaningful for your audience.


. . . And many more!

The go-to Presentation Designers

for great Brands who want to make an unforgettable statement with their presentations

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AMTEK Portfolio Appraisal

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Corporate, Product Launch, Seminars
Pro - Tips & FAQs

Welcome to the Pro - tips and FAQs section of this page. Tips to maximize the impact of your Marque - X presentation and answers to commonly asked questions can be found here. If you have a question which isn't in this list, share it with us via the orange messenger box at the bottom right-hand of this page or contact us via the link below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Pro - Tips | Maximize the effectiveness of your Marque - X Presentation

  • Let us know of any keywords, key phrases, key figures, or statistics which you wish to convey to your audience - this helps us to define the flow of your presentation and helps you to maximize the impact of your content.

  • Ensure that all facts and figures have been verified prior to sharing them with us - the less amendments have to be made to your presentation, the sooner your slides will be ready - and the earlier you can prepare for your presentation!

  • Outline what you wish to convey to the audience prior to the first session of Stagemeister keynote coaching - this gives us more time to refine your speech during the coaching sessions.

  • If you feel that you require more keynote coaching, additional Stagemeister keynote coaching sessions can be arranged!

  • Choose to have your final Stagemeister session one day before or prior to your actual presentation - this gives you a confidence boost prior to your presentation and allows you to ensure that you are intimately familiar with every element of your presentation.

FAQ Qn #1 | How long does it take to complete a Marque - X project?

The time taken to complete a Marque - X presentation project depends on various factors, such as

  • Complexity and scale of the project

    The amount of time we require to prepare for a project is correlated to the scale of a project. For example, if the presentation to be prepared is for a massive product or service launch with high media coverage, the organization's stakeholders would require a higher level of preparation as compared to say, a presentation for one department within the organization.

  • Completeness of information provided

    A project will be delayed from completion if constant adjustments to the slides need to be made due to the addition of new information. To mitigate the likelihood of this happening, ensure that the information to be included in the presentation is verified and finalized prior to the commencement of the project.

To ensure that stakeholders are aware of developments to their Marque – X project, we will keep contact the organization’s point-of-contact upon the completion of major updates to each project.

FAQ Qn #2 | What is STAGEMEISTER coaching? Do I really need it?

STAGEMEISTER coaching is our way of preparing Marque – X clients to conduct their presentations. Each session involves rehearsals to familiarize clients with their presentation. We also provide customers with feedback to help clients improve their presentation technique, to further enhance their confidence and readiness for the presentation they are about to conduct.

Each Marque – X project comes pre-bundled with four 1-hour sessions of STAGEMEISTER coaching. We highly recommend clients to make the most of each STAGEMEISTER coaching session – a presenter’s effectiveness in ensuring a successful presentation is dependent on his/ her familiarity with the material which he/ she will be presenting.

FAQ Qn #3 | Is there any way for me to learn how to design my own presentation instead?

Of course there is!

We also conduct public and corporate courses. Our courses are called The MEISTERKLASSE, reflecting our desire to elevate learners to meisters in designing and conducting presentations. To achieve that, our courses are geared at equipping professionals from a wide spectrum of industries with the know-how to design and conduct riveting presentations.

To find out more about The MEISTERKLASSE, click on the link below.

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